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We believe in creating a culture of literacy and learning where all Islanders can succeed, develop their skills, and contribute to the prosperity of our Island.

Literacy traditionally refers to reading, writing, document use and numeracy skills. However, it is also about communication, digital, and financial skills. These are the basic skills we need to navigate the world around us.

Those with low-literacy skills often have less income, poorer health and are less engaged in their communities.

Without intervention, children with parents who have low-literacy skills often end up struggling with literacy themselves.

Our three key messages:

  • Literacy is a fundamental skill.

  • Currently 45% of working age Islanders lack the reading and writing skills needed to participate fully in our knowledge economy.

  • We must work together to create a culture of literacy and learning for our Island to prosper.
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Success Stories

My name is Terry Affleck and I learned to read at the age of 63 and today at 65 I am enrolled at Holland College to prepare for my GED. More...

The PEI Literacy Alliance appreciates your support.
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